Here it is folks! The final product! I know, I know, we have hardly gotten to know each other! I feel like I don’t even know who you are yet. Very upsetting. It’s been an interesting journey through this Blogosphere, but I feel we can all agree that:

  1. Its amazing what you can do when you set yourself up for success. I was skeptical about this Trello thing, but I gotta say, it kept me on track! There was often so many other things going on that having a clear pathway set up to accomplish my goal really helped!
  2. It’s also just amazing what you can learn and accomplish in such a short time ! I honestly didn’t think I would have gained so many skills and deepened my technological understanding to the extent that I have! (Lots of exclamation points, but I assure you, they are used when appropriate….!)
  3. It’s all around just really weird sending my thoughts out into the world and not knowing who (if anyone) is listening! At times I’ve felt a little like I’m writing my super secret journal that no one knows about, and at other times I’ve felt like a person you’d see on a street corner, yelling their thoughts out into the void, happy to have one or two take notice and acknowledge my existence.

In terms of guitar skills, I’ve definitely improved as much as I had hoped, if not more. Working through the Introductory Blues Fingerstyle book was what really showed me the proper steps to dive into the Mississippi John Hurt song. I think, overall, “Corinna Corinna” was a good choice, as it is relatively repetitive and simple. It’s taken me a few weeks to work up to playing the song in full, but this week I was finally able to bring all the parts together, and was even able to sing along by the end! I had to change the key with a capo to sing along so it’s a bit of a higher pitch than the previous videos. Finally, since Mississippi John Hurt’s live videos are all black and white (as he is from that long ago), I thought I’d adapt the video to reflect the era. Hope you like like it!


Thanks for following me along this journey!